Lip Enhancement and Definition

lip enhancement

One of the most common area of facial aesthetics treatment with derma fillers are the lips. As we age, we are losing definition and volume, lips are becoming thinner and small wrinkles may be present on the lip skin. The lip definition (vermilion border ) might fade away and this will cause the lipstick to run away from the surface of the lip.
By using derma fillers it is possible to regain the definition of the vermilion border, more define Cupid’s Bow and Philtrum and to obtain more volume and hydration of the lips.


Yes. Full medical history and assessment of possible risks will be done prior to the treatment.

No. Dr. Simona will use topical anaesthetic and if this will not be enough, dental local anaesthetic will be used in order to make you feel comfortable during treatment.

Treatment costs are depending of the quantity and quality of the filler used – starts from £300 / 1ml filler.

Results are visible immediately and are lasting between 6-9 months.

Only one treatment will bring the desired results.

After treatment, slight swelling and bruising might be present at the injection site but this side effect will subside after 2-3 days.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary