Moles / Skin tags removal

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Skin tags removal. Warts / moles removal. Skin growths removal by C&S Advance Aesthetic

The skin growths are generally benign conditions that consist of a lump of tissue growing on the surface of the skin. Most common skin growths are the following.
Skin tags, which are smooth or irregular skin projections. They are often present around eyelids, neck, underarms and under the breasts.
Warts: are benign skin growths with different types of appearance from small papule to large flowering cysts. They can have different colors from pale to red or even black. Warts can be present on the face, hands, arms, soles of the feet and even on fingers.
Moles: small skin marks caused by the pigment cells from the skin. They can be smooth or rough, flat or raised, with or without hair. Color may vary from red to brown or even dark and they are generally small. They can change in time and some have the potential to became malign. They can grow on any part of the body.

Treatment for skin growths

There are different approaches to treat the skin growth. We, at C&S ADVANCE AESTHETIC offer two different types of treatment or a combination of them.

Plasma fibroblast treatment for skin tags removal

Plasma pen device emits a small electrical arc between the tip of the pen and the skin. But the pen doesn’t touch the skin. This plasma arc instantly vaporizes the skin at the selected spot. Therefore it is very effective in removing skin growths and hyper pigmentation spots.
Because it is so effective, the application areas are reduction of pigmentation and warts and skin tags removal.

The pigmentation can appear because of age, sun spots, liver spots or moles.
The procedure treats instantly lesions like skin tags and warts.

Electrolysis for skin growths removal

Advanced electrolysis is another specialized technique which is used in skin tags removal. Electrolysis also gets rid of moles, warts and any other types of skin growth.

This is a highly effective treatment that uses a process of thermocoagulation, based on high-frequency energy. It is delivered by using a fine probe. Electrical current will
cauterize the skin growth with instant results.


Yes. Before treatment a detailed medical history will be taken to asses your suitability for treatment.

No, topical anaesthetic cream will be used.

You will need to allocate 90 minutes for treatment.

Procedure achieves permanent results but you have to keep in mind that we are genetically ageing and other skin growth can appear in time and you might need to repeat the treatment

For the first 2-3 days after treatment swelling/redness will be present. You will be provided with detailed after care regime and also with different solution in order to help you through this period.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary