Skinboosters include small wrinkles treatment and fine lines reduction

Skinboosters are a different type of hyaluronic acid fillers designed for small wrinkles treatment. We believe in this treatment which is a brand new way to nourish your skin, because it delivers skin deep hydration. By using this technique, we increase the level of moisture of the skin. Therefore, we improve the elasticity of the skin’s surface. We hydrate the skin without volumizing it  as much as normal dermal fillers do. We inject very superficial these types of fillers, wrinkle by wrinkle. You will gain a very natural result. It is a mild treatment, which will give you hydration and luminosity to your skin. Even more, it will help with the reduction in wrinkles and folds.
After a few treatments you will discover that your skin is more elastic, radiant and hydrated.

The most common areas that we treat include face, neck, décolletage and hands. On these areas, we reduce most of the fine lines and your skin feels younger and vibrant.

There are different types of Skinbooster products to best match your skin style

First of all the different skinboosters for small wrinkles treatment are created for your individual needs and skin type. Because of their beneficial actions, we are using them as a stand alone treatment. Also, we can use skinboosters alongside or in combination with other aesthetic treatments. An example of such a treatment is dermal fillers which works great combined with Skinboosters.

Hyaluronic Acid exists naturally in the body and it is responsible with the skins appearance. As we age, the quality of the Hyaluronic Acid diminishes bit by bit. Having this treatment with Skinboosters, you maintain hydration levels from within, because it continues to work over several months.

We encourage women and also men to try the skinboosters treatment, because it is suitable to both.


Typically you get the desired results with two treatment sessions at 3-4 weeks apart.

We plan a top up, usually after 6 months.

Treatment starts from £225.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary