Meet C&S Advance Aesthetic Team

Dr. Simona Nitulescu from C&S Advance Aesthetic clinic in Exeter is offering wrinkle reduction treatments plus several non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Among the top services offered are skin repair treatments, scar reduction, wrinkle reduction and face and body rejuvenation.

We post here a few images from the clinic to show you where the magic happens. With Dr. Simona you are in good hands and the result of your treatment will make you say WOW!

With high level of experience and training she will provide for you the best level of treatments and effective results.

  • Dr. Simona Nitulescu
    Simona Nitulescu

    Dr. Simona is a qualified Level 7 Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology from C&S Advance Aesthetic clinic in Exeter. She has had many years of experience in General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Since 2014, Dr. Simona has gained interest in Facial and Body Aesthetics.

    She was trained with Faculty of General Dental Practice – Facial Aesthetics Masterclass – one year course-where she start her journey on aesthetics.

    Dr. Bob Khanna Trainig Institute has been the second step on her development as she attended high level courses on facial aesthetics and she discovered the mystery of beauty and ageing processes.

    After gaining experience  in all aspects of facial aesthetics treatments Dr Simona decided  to trained herself in different areas of aesthetics -collagen induction therapy-microneedling – (skin repair treatments) and she got training with “The Skin Repair Clinic” in Bristol.

    She developed further skills attending advanced courses with Cosmetic Courses -Paddock Clinic London for full face and neck wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers, tear trough treatments, liquid facelift, lip Masterclass.

    Dr. Simona attended courses on Harley Street, London for Sillouethe Soft threads and Ellanse filler treatment with “Sinclair Pharmacy Group”.

    She is very interested in gaining more and more knowledge and training on all modern aspects of aesthetics and she will make sure that you will receive the best possible treatment suitable for you.

    Her journey on this path will continue as long as she will feel that there are other things to be learned.

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