Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel helps you to regain elasticity, luminosity of the skin and can remove fine lines and acne scars

We suggest chemical peel treatment to improve your appearance, making you look younger and healthier. As we age, skin starts to lose elasticity, becoming dull and dry, losing the youthful glow. The ageing natural process together with other factors as sun exposure, lifestyle, or stress, contribute to the skin changes. Pigmentation, sun spots and fine lines become visible. We can treat Rosacea condition with chemical peels.
The superficial layers of the skin are removed by chemical peels. They induce a controlled injury to the skin and force a healing process. Chemical peels improve the skin’s appearance. The new regenerated skin is smoother and less wrinkled then the old skin.

We apply different depths of the chemical peeling action: superficial treatment, medium and deep peels

For superficial peels we use mild acids (alpha-hydroxy acid) to penetrate only the superficial layer of the skin. By using superficial peels, we improve mild skin pigmentation and dull and rough skin. In general. we refresh the appearance of your face, neck, chest and hands.

For medium peels we use stronger acids (glycolic or trichloroacetic acid). They penetrate the skin to deeper layers and remove damaged skin cells. They improve age
spots, fine wrinkles and moderate skin pigmentation.

For deep peels, we use strong acids (tricholoracetic acid) which deeply penetrate the skin and remove damaged skin cells. They improve moderate wrinkles, age spots, rough skin and mild scars. Deep peels results last longer but they can be more expensive. Your downtime period might be a couple of weeks, because of the deeper chemical peel treatment.

What can be treated with chemical peels ?

We can treat Rosacea, pores, acne and acne scaring, pigmentation (discoloration), sun damage spots, fine and moderate wrinkles.


Yes. We will make a full assessment of your skin condition and discuss about your medical history. Also, we take the time to explain any risks and complications.

For superficial and medium peels which are not aggressive treatments, anaesthetic will not be necessary, you might feel a burning or stinging sensation. For deep peels we will apply  local anaesthetic.

Price will be discussed in your consultation as it will depend of the kind of peel which you will decide to have. Prices are starting from £150.

For superficial and medium peels you will need regular treatments 6-12 months to maintain the results, for deep peels the results are long lasting.

For superficial peels, skin may feel tight for a couple of hours. For medium peels, swelling might last up to a couple of days and redness can last up to 6 weeks. For deep peels swelling might last up to 2 weeks and redness can last up to 3 months.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary