Ellansé – new class of dermal fillers


ELLANSÉ ® is a dermal filler with a unique effect longer lasting and a new development of fillers as a solution for aesthetic treatment.
it is having a dual action -once injected it will bring volume as a filler do but it will stimulate your own collagen production.
ELLANSÉ ® is a dermal filler and a collagen stimulator which will correct lines and folds and it will have a long lasting result.
These bio-stimulating dermal fillers use the body’s natural response to foreign bodies and stimulate the formation of collagen around the product which is injected.
This treatment offers a non-surgical approach to increase soft tissue and contouring.


Yes. Full medical history and any possible allergies will be checked.

No. Numbing topical cream will be used and even local anaesthetic will be used if necessary.

Costs are depending on the number of areas treated and also on the type of filler used – starting from £370 / 1ml.

You will get results lasting 1-4 years, depending on which filler will be chosen.

Only one treatment will be enough to obtain immediate results and long lasting correction.

No. You will be able to return straight away to your normal daily routine and normal life.

Treatment takes around 30 – 60 minutes.

Localised swelling, redness, itching, tenderness and bruising might be present for 24-48 hours after treatment. All these side effects will subside naturally in a matter of days and you will be advised regarding the after care procedure which you will need to follow.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary