Metabolic Balance – Individual nutrition plan

Metabolic Plan

Metabolic Balance ® program was created by a German doctor and it is based on  20 years of research and analysis.

We start the metabolic balance program with a comprehensive blood test. As a result, we will determine a unique plan for you, which results from the blood test. We design the plan in accordance with your metabolism.

Metabolic balance helps you restart your metabolism by increasing fat burning. It reduces hunger and cravings. By adjusting the body’s metabolism, you reduce inflammation, improve your blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

We are following the metabolic balance diet, which is designed to work in 4 phases. Because it works so well, we aim to help you transform this program into your lifestyle. Therefore, the total package for 3 months program is £830 and it includes seven consultations. First of all, you get comprehensive blood tests and a personalised eating plan. Furthermore, the diet includes a progress chart, meal planning and recipe ideas.

Finally, to see the transformation, we take before and after pictures of you.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary