Temple fillers – Lift and Rejuvenate

thread lifting and temple fillers

Temple fillers are the solution for hollow temples

During aesthetic treatments a lot of attention is given to cheeks, lips, chin, folds but many practitioners and many patients are forgetting about temples.

The loss of volume in the temple can have an impact on the rest of the face – loss of facial contour, sunken area, dropping skin.

Placing dermal fillers in the temple will help reduce the hollow, sunken appearances of the lateral facial areas. It will give more definition and contouring and reinstate the rounded look of a youthful face.

During the ageing process the structure underneath the skin suffers modifications. Bone is shrinking, fad pads are starting to reduce in volume and the skin loses the scaffolding. All these modifications can lead to hallow areas and sagging skin.

Temple lifting

We use dermal fillers to improve the sunken temple. Non surgical hyaluronic acid injections will reinstate the volume and lift the lateral areas creating a more round appearance of the face.

Combination of treatments

We place dermal fillers on the temple and the cheek bone. Therefore we lift and define the lateral part of your face. This combination will rejuvenate the entire face and you will notice that naso-labial folds(nose to mouth lines) and marionette lines improve. Often, after the temple lift and cheek definition, it is not necessary to have any perioral dermal filler.

Before treatment we will have an initial consultation in order for you to understand the process. This is the meeting where the practitioner analyses your suitability for this treatment.

Dr. Simona is highly trained in this treatment and she will explain the procedure and the outcomes. Also, will advise in relation with other possible treatments in combination to reach a facial lift and rejuvenation.

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