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Often the things that bring us most joy and happiness in life are simple-MicroNeedling, known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is no exception.
Micro Needling is one of the most advance treatments at the forefront of skin repair. The area of improvement that can be treated with the Pen are large and varied.

It’s get even better as the process by which it improves the skin texture and appearance isn’t temporary like for fillers and botox, it’s permanent.The treatment process is creating your own natural collagen and stimulating the production that gets lost with age, so no stiff or fake looking faces! It’s completely natural and safe.


Skin repair us a complex process that occurs in several, overlapping phases.

The layers of normal skin form a protective barrier against the external environment. Once the skin is broken ,the process of repair is set in motion.
This process has 3 phases: inflammatory, proliferation and maturation.

Phase 1-inflammatory Phase(0-3 days after injury)

Within minutes of the wound occurring the inflammatory phase is active .The body activates protective measures to clot the wound and form a plug. Once the clot starts to get hard and dry out, a scab is formed. The scab protect the wound giving the skin underneath a chance to repair as it moves into proliferation phase.

Phase 2-Proliferation Phase (1-24 days after injury)

This phase begins with skin cells working to lay down a foundation for wound repair. Collagen is deposited to strengthen the would and new cells migrate across the foundation tissue to close the wound.In this phase the wound contracts and reduce in size. A large wound can become 40% to 80% smaller after contraction.

Phase 3-Maturation Phase(14-365 days after injury)

Maturation is the final phase when scar tissue is formed. A stronger type of collagen is laid down to replace the initial collagen.

Skin Micro Needling is a Mechanical, non-ablative treatment. Growth factors released through skin micro needling result in corrective and regenerative healing.

Best results for:
Skin Rejuvenation Acne Scar Removal Stretch Mark Removal General Scar Removal Hair Regeneration

Knowing Your Skin Type-The Fitzpatrick Scale
-Type 1- Pale white; blond or red hair; blue eyes; freckles-always burns, never tans

-Type 2- White; fair; blond or red hair; blue ,green or hazel eyes-usually burns, tans minimally

-Type 3- Cream white; fair with any hair or eye colour; quite common-mild burns, tans uniformly

-Type 4-Moderate brown; typical Mediterranean skin tone -rarely burn, always tans well

-Type 5- Dark brown; Middle Eastern skin types -very rarely burns, tans very easily

-Type 6- Deeply pigmented dark brown to black -never burns, tans very easily