Silhouette Soft® Treatment

thread lifting

Silhouette Soft® -The only bio-absorbable suture with bidirectional cones[mailpoet_form id=”4″]

Sillhouette Soft  threads use a double action effect to restore smoother and tone skin-combine two effects:

-immediate repositioning of the saggy tissue which is pull up by the threads and cones -gradual regeneration  of the skin due to new collagen  developing around the cones This two effects combined will help restore shapeliness to the face and neck.

It is a procedure recommended for men and women who are trying to combat

sagging skin and they are not ready to go under the knife.

Silhouette Soft is a much simple and minimally invasive treatment to reshape your face.

As soon as the treatment is carried out the physician is able to redefine the desire areas by compressing the tissue and lifting  the skin .

 By resorbing ,the polylactic acid acts  in the subcutaneoas tissue and stimulates collagen production thus restoring shapeliness to the face.



-redefined face

-long lasting results 

-immediate correction

-painless procedure

-minimal downtime

Facial aging process is define by:

-bone resorption and remodeling-loss of facial bone leads to volume loss and changes in the other layers of overlying soft tissue and skin

-loss of muscle tone and atrophy-facial muscle become increasingly tensed and atrophied ,this leads to facial sagging and loss of skin tone

-fat loss and redistribution-fat pads displacement-fad pads migration leading to deep creases and contour defects .

Silhouette Soft treatment will improve the appearance of sagging  skin and tissue -areas usually treated  are : mid face and jaw line, neck and eyebrow.