A/C/C/O/R  Cosmetic Corrector (plasma technology)-PLASMA PEN -is using a combination of plasma and NF+technology to achieve skin tightening . This innovative technology utilizes plasma formed through ionization of atmospheric gases,this technology is not using any scalpel or other aggressive method to rewove the excess skin .

The Plasma Pen operates at a distance of 1 mm above the skin and creates an electric arc which will cause vaporization of the skin (sublimation) at then desire point causing the tightens of the surrounding areas.at the desire point spotsm which will stimulate oinstant contraction and tightening of the skin .

The process is a low -pain procedure which will achieve permanent results immediately.

Plasma treatment-fibroblast treatment-what can be treated?

Treatment areas:

-skin tightening-upper and lower eyelids, face and neck lifting  

reduction in wrinkles and uneven surfaces

reduction of pigmentation-age/sun spots, liver spots

removal of moles and skin tags

scar improvement

non-surgical blepharoplasty

smoker lines reduction 

acne scar reduction

A single procedure is enough to make the eyes appear more open ,to firm the eyelids and to smooth the skin around mouth and nose.

You will benefit of an extremely effective procedure  for correcting eyelids, results are immediately visible and the down time period is short-only of few days  -5-7 days- after treatment you will be able to return to your normal social activities.

A major advantage is the rapid healing made possible through the NF+ technology .

Dr Simona will explain  the procedure in details prior treatment  and also she will give all after care information 

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