Dermal Fillers in Exeter

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure which aims to enlarge ,define and reshape the lips.

During the  ageing  process  the lips are loosing volume and definition ,became smaller and thinner ,perioral lines (smoking lines ) appears on top  of the lips .Using derma fillers it is possible to redefine the contour of the lips and gain volume as well as smoothening fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

It is advisable to gradually increase your lips size during couple of sessions instead of placing to much filler from the beginning -you will gain a more natural look and avoid possible adverse reactions .

You should consider this treatment :

-if you feel that your lips are thin and your gums are exposed when you are smiling

-if you have uneven lips

-if your lipstick are running away from the border of the lips

-if you wish to get more volume and definition of the vermilion border

-if you are looking to smooth down the perioral lines and wrinkles

There are a series of pros and cons in relation with lip augmentation :


-it is not a permanent treatment that means you will have to repet it regularly if you will wish to maintain the shape ,volume and definition

-like any medical procedure is carring some risks -uneven lips ,lumps ,asymmetries , allergic reactions -advise to be sure that your practitioner is medical qualified and able to deal with possible complications .

– you should have realistic expectation from treatment


-after a consultation you and the practitioner can decide for a specific treatment which will be tailored upon your needs and your natural anatomy

-it is a non surgical procedure ,will not involve scarring and stitches or any downtime and financial is not so expensive as surgical procedure

-treatment is done using numbing cream or even dental block if necessary so it is pain free ,quick and does not require any downtime for recovery

-if there are any side effects like  bumps,lumps ,nodes ,asymmetries, or if you are unhappy with the result it is a possibility to dissolve  the filler

-it is not a permanent result so if you will not  like the shape or volume the product  will dissolve in time

-the quantity of filler can be control -control over lip volume and shape

This treatment ,if done correctly ,will be able to improve and reduce the signs of ageing on your lips and surrounding tissues .

In combination with dermal fillers place on naso-labial folds and marionette lines will improve

your overall appearance .

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