Interview with Dr. Simona from C&S Advance Aesthetic in Exeter

Doctor Simona, founder of C&S Advance Aesthetic Clinic Exeter

When did you open C&S Advance Aesthetic clinic in Exeter?

I was interested in aesthetic treatments since 2014 and I have given it a lot of research and thinking to this field of medicine before launching myself in this exiting trip.

I have attended multiple advanced courses in aesthetics and after a couple of years of practicing aesthetic together with dentistry I have decided to open my own aesthetic clinic.

In 2017 I opened C&S ADVANCE AESTHETIC (Cosmetic and Skin Advance Aesthetic) clinic in Exeter.

I am still practicing dentistry as well as aesthetics.

I have put a lot of work and passion in this project and I am happy that I have decided to do so….


What is your background?

  • I qualified as a Dental Surgeon in 1998. Since this was my calling, I accumulated many years of experience in General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Since 2014, I have gained interest in Facial and Body Aesthetics.
  • In the beginning I was trained with the Faculty of General Dental Practice – Facial Aesthetics Masterclass – one year course – where I started my journey on aesthetics.
  • Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute has been my second step in my professional development. I attended high level courses on facial aesthetics (botox level one and level two) . It was here where I discovered the mystery of beauty and anti-ageing processes.
  • After gaining experience in all aspects of facial aesthetics treatments, I decided to train myself in different areas of aesthetics
    • collagen induction therapy
    • microneedling – (skin repair treatments) and I got training with “The Skin Repair Clinic” in Bristol.
  • I developed further skills attending advanced courses with Cosmetic Courses London for full face and neck wrinkle reduction. These are the botox – advanced treatments and dermal fillers, tear trough treatments, liquid facelift and lip Masterclass. I took all courses on the expert level.
  • My training continued with courses on Harley Street, London for Sillouethe Soft threads and Ellansé dermal filler treatments with Sinclair College.
  • I extended my qualification and expertise in plasma fibroblast treatments for non surgical facial lifting.
  • Microsclerotherapy for removal of red veins ,spider veins …
  • Chemical peels …
  • Electrolysis treatments ….
  • Right now, I am planning to add more advanced procedures and products to my practice. Therefore,  I will develop my qualification in even more fields of cosmetic and skin aesthetics.


What is the most desired improvement, people from Exeter want?

  • During the time I spent in the clinic, I noticed that the most frequent request for treatment was wrinkle reduction. Also, other desired treatments were lip enhancement and facial treatment using dermal fillers.
  • These are treatments with immediate results and are not very expensive.
  • As a doctor, I recommend regular skin treatments like microneedling and chemical peel. These improve in time the overall aspect of the skin.
  • There are also available complex and combined treatments which improve all facial features. But, unfortunately, these treatments are kind of expensive.
  • Because I want to help as many people as possible, I am looking to find a financial partner to be able to offer rates to my patients. This means the possibility of spreading a larger payment into regular smaller payments. These span over a longer period of time.


What is botox (botulinum toxin) used for?

  • Botox treatment is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. I use it in the majority of cases for reduction of expression wrinkles and relaxing the facial features.
  • Therefore, I use botulinum toxin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by diminishing the activity of muscles where is injected.
  • Also I use Botox injections to treat excessive sweating, migraines.


How many patients are looking for botox injections?

From my experience more then 60% of my patients are initially interested in having botox injections.

It is now recommended to start having this kind of treatment at an early age. By early, I mean in your 30’s, in order to prevent static wrinkles to form.

It is an easy and safe treatment as long as it is provided by a medical qualified practitioner. He should know anatomy and also the role and activity of all the muscles where he injects this toxin.


How do botox injections work?

Once injected into the targeted muscle, Botulinum toxin blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

Only the expression wrinkles will be improved by this treatment .

Static wrinkles will not benefit from this treatment as they are not related with muscle activity.

Treatment is most commonly used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines. Basicly, botox injections are used on the upper third of the face.

There are advanced techniques in which botox can be used around the mouth as well. Here, we inject botox to smooth down smoking lines and reduce Marionette folds.

Botox is used as well to help people suffering from bruxism. In this case, the toxin is injected in the main masticator muscle and reduces clenching and grinding of teeth. So botox is applied often in dentistry.

Botox injections can improve the appearance of a gummy smile. This is another dentistry implication of treatment.


Are there any side effects from botox treatment?

Botox treatment is quite a safe treatment with mild or none side effects. But only if it is injected by a qualified  and experienced medical practitioner with a good anatomical knowledge.

The practitioner must be able to notice any asymmetry present prior treatment. The goal of the botox injections is to reduce it or to maintain it, depending of the patient desire.

There might be some brusing, sweeling or redness on the injections site. These side effects are completely normal and should subside in the first 24 hour post treatment.

In my experience I have never had any complications with this treatment.

Unfortunately the results of this treatment are not long lasting. You should repeat tratament 2-3 times/year if you want to maintain results.

How was 2018 for Cosmetic and Skin Advance Aesthetic Clinic?

2018 has been a very successful year in which I have gained more experience in different treatments. I attended 5 advanced and expert level trainings. Therefore, I am now able to offer my clients a very large number of treatments, combinations or complex treatments.


What are your expectations from 2019?

I am looking forward for 2019 because I expect to extend my patient list. Due to my nature, I am already enrolled in other training courses. My confidence makes me look forward to adding the latest generation products in my clinic.

I have already planned my next 3 years in regards of what kind of training I want to attend. Finally, I am confident that this year will be better than last year and next year will be better than this one.

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