DermaPen-Rejuvenate your skin


Using DermaPen to perform Microneedling -Colagen Induction therapy -can bring you the benefit of a rejuvenate skin -all for a fraction of the cost of invasive cosmetic surgery.

With this treatment you will achieve great results:

-wrinkle reduction

-reduce large facial pores

-tightening of the skin

-reduce sun damage

-overall improvement in skin tone

The treatment involves:

-Cleansing the skin

-Applying a topical anaesthetic for 30 minutes

-Removing the anaesthetic cream and sterilising the skin

-Applying the specialist machine on the area to be treated

-Applying a soothing cream

-Applying sunblock SPF 50+



1-Mild-age 28-35 -no wrinkles-skin-early photo-aging signs ,mild pigment, minimal wrinkles ,minimal or no make-up needed.

2-Moderate-age 35-50-wrinkles in motion-skin-early to moderate photo-aging ,early brown spots visible ,parallel smile lines begin to appear, wear some foundation.

3-Advance-age 50-65-wrinkles at rest-skin-advance photo-aging, obvious discolouration, visible  capillaries, wear heavier foundation always.

4-Severe-age 60-75-only wrinkles-skin-severe photo-aging, yellow-grey skin colour, wrinkles throughout -no normal skin, cannot wear  make -up because it cakes and cracks.

Types of Alternative Treatments Available

-Creams-while they can never match the skin rejuvenation possible with collagen induction therapy ,they play an important part in your skin regime.

Chemical Peels-help smooth the skin surface by removing the top layer of the skin.However only a deep peel ill get close to the results possible with collagen induction therapy.There is a down time, sometimes up to 10 days and several treatments might be needed for a deep peel.

-Laser Resurfacing– laser treatment removes the top layer of the skin and down time can  take 2 to 4 weeks.

-Dermal Fillers fillers can help get an excellent result however if not performed correctly can leave uneven skin surface with lumps in the wrong places.

-Botox/Anti-Wrinkle Injection-a very effective treatment at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.There are side effects as swelling ,tenderness, itching.Botulinum Toxin carries the risks of a drooping eyelid .

Collagen Induction Therapy  therefore is a fantastic alternative to Botox for those wanting a natural effective skin rejuvenation treatment.




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