Dermal Fillers

derma fillers

DERMAL FILLERS – reduce facial lines, folds and wrinkles

Dermal fillers are completely compatible with the human body as it is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance present in your body. As we are getting older, we are losing volume and also definition of our facial features and as a consequences wrinkles, folds and sagging skin might appear. Dermal fillers are injected on different depths below the skin and instant results will be visible – getting back volume, softness of wrinkles and folds and also more hydration of the skin.
Dermal fillers will bring instant volume in the areas where they will be injected but also will stimulate new production of collagen fibres and will attract water in the tissues – as a result of this action you will get volume, hydration and natural tightness of the skin even after the
filler will be naturally dissolved from the tissues. As the dermal fillers are broken down naturally by the body, the results are not permanent.
The most common areas treated are:
-lips and personal lines (smoking lines, Marionette lines) – creating volume, definition, and reduction of wrinkles and folds.
-cheeks – increase in volume, looking fuller and more youthful.
-chin – more definition of the chin creating a natural line of your profile.
-eyes (dark circles), sunken eyes – tear through treatment
-crow’s feet lines – smoothing wrinkles
-nasolabial folds (nose to mouth folds)
-Marionette lines – lines and folds on the corner of the lips
-neck lines and wrinkles
-décolletage and hands wrinkles
-forehead and frown lines
-jaw line definition and lifting

Dermal fillers can be part of more complex and advanced treatments as a combination with wrinkle reduction injectable and Silhouette Soft threads to achieve a full rejuvenation, hydration, lifting and wrinkle reduction treatment.


Yes. A full medical history and a treatment plan will be provide for you, all contraindications and possible risks will be discussed. Dr Simona is fully trained and highly experienced in derma filler treatments and she is using different types of fillers which will be carefully selected depending on the areas which will need to be treated.

No. Dr. Simona is using topical anaesthetic cream and if this will not be enough for you, she will be able to provide for you local anaesthetic injectable. The fillers themselves are containing anaesthetic substances.

Dermal fillers costs are from £300, costs are depending on the filler used, the number of areas treated and the quality of the filler used.

Results are immediate and are lasting between 9-18 months, depending on the filler used and the area where it has been placed.

Slightly swelling or bruising might develop at the injection site, but this side effects will not last longer then 2-3 days and might be covered with make up.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary