8 Point Lifting – Liquid facelift

Liquid facelifting is an advanced, complex treatment, which is targeting the entire face and is using a combination of derma fillers, wrinkle reduction injections and Silhouette Soft threads.

Using wrinkle reductions treatment, we will treat the wrinkles from the upper third of the face, derma fillers will be used to bring volume on chin, cheeks, perioral folds and wrinkles, lips, and the threads will remove sagging skin and define the jawline.

This complex treatment might be extended in order to treat the neck and décolletage, giving a full enhancement and lifting of all areas.

Results are very natural, Dr. Simona aiming only for mild treatments which will not be aggressive and which will keep a normal appearance of your features in accordance with your age.

Overall this advanced treatment will provide for you a rejuvenation effect of the full face keeping everything in natural shape.


Yes – a full medical history any possible allergies, all the possible risks and complications will be discussed prior to the treatment, so you will be able to give a full informed consent for the treatment.

No, Dr. Simona will use a combination of topical anaesthetic cream and local anaesthetic injections to keep everything as comfortable as possible.

Results will last between 9-18 months.

One single treatment will give you the desired results – depending on the number of areas which will need to be treated, Dr. Simona might decide, with your agreement, to split the treatment on two sessions, so will not be very stressful for you.

Taking in consideration that this is a very complex treatment involving many procedures and many areas, you might experience swelling /redness, bruising and tenderness for 2-4 days.

You will be advised regarding after care procedures and also Dr. Simona will be available to help you during the after treatment period.

The treatments cost will be discussed with you at the consultation appointment as it will depend on your own circumstances, your desired results and will involve many areas, different products and  different procedures.

This advanced treatment is top of the range in non surgical aesthetics treatments – you will achieve great results without involving knife procedures, all these results are reversible in time and they will let you be natural as you continue to get older.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary