Radiofrequency – the mechanism of improving cellulite

This technique selectively applies electromagnetic energy into the deep dermis from the upper skin in order to restore skin flaccidity and eliminate cellulite.
RF generates an electric field that changes from positive to negative, which causes a rotational movement of the molecules producing heat.

When this energy is applied to the skin ,resistance of the body tissues is produce when the RF goes through.This resistance causes an internal increase of the tissue temperature. In response to this vasodilation, blood flow increases bringing more oxygen and drawing out excessive fluids and toxins.

Gradually, we achieved collagen deep restructuring, including the production of new fibres that replace the old ones and make the tissue firmer and more elastic. In general, skin condition is improved removing traces of time’s passage with results comparable to those of a face lifting without going through an operating room.

This process is slower, depending on the case and the state of the person’s collagen. In fact, significant changes have been shown in collagen remodeling after the sixth week from the date of the RF application.


The RF produce a deep heating that affects the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue. The heating goes from the inside out.

The benefits of this effect are:
-lymphatic drainage, which reduce the liquids and toxins of the tissue affected by cellulite.

-an increase of blood flow in the treated area, improving both, the subcutaneous fat tissue and the appearance of the skin.

-production of new collagen in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, promoting the entire tissue to become firm.
-finally, after the controlled thermal injury with tissue retraction, there is an inflammatory response that will come together by a migration of fibroblasts, which will further strengthen the structure of collagen, resulting in rejuvenation of the treated area.


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