Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating 

Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder which produce a lot of unhappiness.

Underarm problems tend to start in late adolescence while  palm and sole sweating often begins earlier ,around age  13-14 .

Although endocrine ,infectious and  other systemic diseases can cause hyperhidrosis, most cases occur in people who are healthy .

What is the treatment for hyperhidrosis ?

-over-the -counter antiperspirants

-prescription strength antiperspirants

-oral medication

– botulinum toxin A



BT and excessive sweating

Botulinum toxin A is often use as a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles ,but it has actually been used in many areas of medicine as muscle spams and certain types of headaches.Its latest medical use is for treatment of excessive underarm sweating.

A small amount of toxin is injected into 25 to 20 spots  in each armpit with a very fine needle.This result in up to 6 months of relief from sweating.This blocks the transmission of nerves that supply the sweat glands.

After 6 months the treatment  is repeated .

Hyperhidrosis is common with a estimated 1-3 people every 100 being affected.


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