Can you really freeze your fat off?

What you should know about fat -freezing therapy

9 Must Know Things about fat freezing:

1.-Criolipolysis– technical name for freezing off stubborn fat deposits.It will be the end of cell’s life cycle .Fat- freezing kills and disposed of the fat cells targeted during treatment.

2.-Yes -you will really do pee away the fat cells-and sweat ,breath them out too

All the natural process of eliminating the body waste will help  in getting rid of thecdead fat cells.

3.-Will be could but not Very cold

The temperature used is around -5 Celsius  and the last generation machines are  using  heating and massage features to help you eliminated quickly the fat deposits.

4.-Results are not instant -you will need to be patient

Results very from person to person  but there is no immediate impact .

5.-If you want to loose a lot of weight-stick to old methods!!!

This procedure is for targeting specific areas not for make obese people slim !!

6.-It is not suitable for a few other people-pregnant or breastfeeding will not be considered for this cosmetic therapy.

7.-Side effects are none existent-side effects are vey minimal and only include pinkies that lasts up to couple of hours after the  treatment.

8.-Pinkness is usually the only effect the treatment has on  the skin only fat cells are targeted.

9.-Forget the stereotypes-treatment is available and suitable for any age and gender.


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  • I just had the fat freezing treatment couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with the results already.
    I am looking forward for my next treatment and to meet again the lovely team which helped me to regain my confidence.

    • We are very happy that we succeed to make you feel more confident with yourself .

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